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User Support

We will provide Taiwanese ALMA users with all the necessary user supports;

  1. In planning and preparing the ALMA proposal, with the ALMA Observing Tool (OT)
    and the simulation tools (CASA simulator).

  2. In preparing the ALMA observation and assigning the scheduling blocks (SBs) with OT,
    and in tracking the status of the approved proposals.

  3. In reducing, analysing, and interpreting the ALMA data with the ALMA data reduction software CASA,
    usually starting with the pipelined product, or re-running the data pipeline when appropriate.

  4. In handling the ALMA data archive.

There are several ways the ARC provides help to users. The primary one is the ALMA Helpdesk. Users are strongly encouraged to use the Helpdesk to direct any questions about ALMA, in particular during proposals preparation (see proposal preperation section for more details). Users will get an answer to their questions via de Helpdesk itself and/or through e-mail.

If necessary, ALMA users can ask directly the Taiwanese ARC-node full face-to-face support. And finally, the ARC also accepts inquiries by e-mail ( To provide help to all users, the ARC uses this website itself, which will be updated periodically with any information ALMA users should know. The ARC also organises workshops including lectures and practical sessions. In this website the user can find tutorials and exercises to learn more about ALMA.

Please direct any question or comment about a topic not considered in this website to

Our ARC Astronomer Takakuwa san giving a f2f support to a user.

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