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20 highest priority projects from Taiwan selected for ALMA Science Cycle 2:

    Project ID : 2013.1.00008.S
    PI : Lee Chin-Fei
    Title : Toward Resolving the Magnetic Flux Problem in Star Formation: Mapping Poloidal B-field in Edge-on Disks
    Project ID : 2013.1.00071.S
    PI : Liu Hauyu Baobab
    Title : Resolving the atomic gas accretion flow surrounding the SgrA*
    Project ID : 2013.1.00087.S
    PI : Matsushita Satoki
    Title : Multi-Phase Imaging of the Outflow from the Edge-On Starburst Galaxy NGC 3628
    Project ID : 2013.1.00126.S
    PI : Ho Paul
    Title : Defining the Neutral Material which Survives to within 0.1 parsec of the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole
    Project ID : 2013.1.00254.S
    PI : Lai Shih-Ping
    Title : A Comprehensive View of Magnetic Fields around Young Protostar NGC 1333 IRAS 4A
    Project ID : 2013.1.00349.S
    PI : Takakuwa Shigehisa
    Title : Spiral Arms and Accretion Motion in the Circumbinary Disk around the Protostellar Binary System L1551 NE
    Project ID : 2013.1.00367.S
    PI : Ho Paul
    Title : What is heating the Orion-KL hot core?: The explosion, the bubble or Source I
    Project ID : 2013.1.00393.S
    PI : Rao Ramprasad
    Title : Mapping the Magnetic Field in the Circumstellar Disk in IRAS 16293-2422 B
    Project ID : 2013.1.00736.S
    PI : Su Yu-Nung
    Title : Probing the Inward Motion in the Class 0 Protostar NGC 1333 IRAS 4A
    Project ID : 2013.1.00773.S
    PI : Su Kate
    Title : Spatially Resolving the Planetesimal Disk around HD 95086 - A Young Analog of HR 8799
    Project ID : 2013.1.00831.S
    PI : Liu Sheng-Yuan
    Title : Imaging the Disk and Gas Accretion around Young Massive Star in S255 IR
    Project ID : 2013.1.00854.S
    PI : Takakuwa Shigehisa
    Title : Torsionally-Excited CH3OH Line as a Direct Tracer of First Cores
    Project ID : 2013.1.00879.S
    PI : Yen Hsi-Wei
    Title : Ongoing or Suppressed Disk Formation at the Early Stage of Star Formation
    Project ID : 2013.1.00994.S
    PI : Koch Patrick
    Title : Resolving polarization holes in W51
    Project ID : 2013.1.01004.S
    PI : Lai Shih-Ping
    Title : Revealing the secrets of VLA1623: an in-depth look into the earliest star formation stage
    Project ID : 2013.1.01022.S
    PI : Asada Keiichi
    Title : Mass Accretion onto the Super Massive Black Hole of M 87
    Project ID : 2013.1.01158.S
    PI : Yen Hsi-Wei
    Title : A Signpost of Planet Formation: Eccentricity of Protoplanetary Disks
    Project ID : 2013.1.01161.S
    PI : Sakamoto Kazushi
    Title : From Bars to CMZs and YMCs
    Project ID : 2013.1.01286.S
    PI : Yen Hsi-Wei
    Title : Magnetic Field and Rotational Motion in Proto-circumstellar Disk Formation
    Project ID : 2013.1.01295.S
    PI : Srinivasan Sundar
    Title : The nature of the elusive mid-infrared excess sources in the Large Magellanic Cloud

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