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14 highest priority projects from Taiwan selected for ALMA Science Cycle 1:

    Project ID : 2012.1.00013.S
    PI : Lee Chin-Fei
    Title : A Change of Rotation Profile in HH 111: Formation of a Keplerian Disk around a Protostar
    Project ID : 2012.1.00046.S
    PI : Phan-Bao Ngoc
    Title : First Direct Measurement of Disk Radius of a Young Brown Dwarf
    Project ID : 2012.1.00122.S
    PI : Lee Chin-Fei
    Title : Rotation and Proper Motion of the HH 212 Jet
    Project ID : 2012.1.00159.S
    PI : Chapillon Edwige
    Title : CN excitation: a challenge to protoplanetary disks models
    Project ID : 2012.1.00303.S
    PI : Ya-Wen Tang
    Title : Inner disc, dust ring and spiral-like structures in the circumstellar disc AB Aurigae
    Project ID : 2012.1.00304.S
    PI : Su Yu-Nung
    Title : Testing the bow-shock paradigm with the finest molecular jet
    Project ID : 2012.1.00317.S
    PI : Sakamoto Kazushi
    Title : Gauging Deeply Hidden Nuclei of Arp 220
    Project ID : 2012.1.00320.S
    PI : Hirano Naomi
    Title : Molecular and ionized tori in the bipolar planetary nebula NGC 6302
    Project ID : 2012.1.00321.S
    PI : Chapillon Edwige
    Title : Dispersal of protoplanetary disks: study of suspected gas-poor dusty-rich sources
    Project ID : 2012.1.00332.S
    PI : Matsushita Satoki
    Title : Fueling the AGN in the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 4945
    Project ID : 2012.1.00377.S
    PI : Sakamoto Kazushi
    Title : Fire and Wind in Compton-thick Monster: The Case of NGC 4418
    Project ID : 2012.1.00621.S
    PI : Ho Paul
    Title : Proper Motions of Gas in the Immediate Vicinity of the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole
    Project ID : 2012.1.00875.T
    PI : Urata Yuji
    Title : Peak Flux and Frequency of GRB Afterglow
    Project ID : 2012.1.01057.S
    PI : Liu Sheng-Yuan
    Title : The Disk and Outflows in A Massive Young Stellar Object NGC2264 CMM3

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