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Job openings

To be announced.
2021-03-26 ALMA Cycle 8 2021 Users Workshop

In preparation for ALMA Cycle 8, ARC-T and UCAT are pleased to host jointly an online ALMA Users Workshop for potential ALMA users in Taiwan on March 26 (Friday), 2021. For more information and registration see here.

The Google Meet link is:


2021-03-23 ALMA Opportunities & Status

The presentation file of the "ALMA Opportunities & Status" talk given by Phil Jewell & Tony Remijan (NA ALMA / NAASC) for the ALMA NA Town Hall meeting in Jan 2021.


2020-12-04 New ALMA Helpdesk System, Deskpro

On December 4 the ALMA Helpdesk will migrate to a new service provider, Deskpro. The new Helpdesk system will have the same functionality as the current system, but with an enhanced user experience for the ALMA users when creating tickets and interacting with the knowledgebase. We are confident that the new system will further improve the value of the Helpdesk in supporting exciting ALMA science!

Available ALMA Data

Several ALMA data sets are already released. Here are the quick links:
> ARC-Taiwan ALMA archive
> SV Data
> ALMA Data Archive NAOJ
> ALMA Data Archive JVO

Science Highlights

Some first science highlights from the Taiwanese astronomical community:
> Science Highlights


ASIAA is involved in several ALMA related projects and thus plays a significant role in ALMA, providing access to this major ground-based facility to the Taiwanese astronomical community.

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Project Description


The Atacama Large Millimeter/ submillimeter Array (ALMA) will be the major new facility for observations in the millimeter/submillimeter regime. It will enable transformational research into the physics of the cold Universe, probe the first stars and galaxies, and directly image the formation of planets.

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2020-09-18 New CARTA release v1.4

ACDC and the CARTA development team is excited to announce that the CARTA v1.4 release is now ready to download for the community! The packages can be retrieved
with user manual available at
The installation and configuration guide is available here.

2020-09-01 ALMA Imaging Workshop
The Taiwan-ARC at ASIAA is pleased to host the ALMA Imaging Workshop on September 1st and 2nd, 2020, covering information about: ALMA data structure Analysis/imaging tools Pipeline calibration and imaging weblog Archival services. For more information and registration see here.

2019-11-28 East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop 2019
The East-Asian ALMA Science Workshop is an annual workshop to promote regional collaborations in ALMA science. We are pleased to announce that the next EA ALMA Science Workshop will be hosted by ASIAA on 2020 Feb 19 to 21. For more information and registration see here.

2019-11-28 Design thinking workshop of the ALMA science archive
The ALMA science archive working group will have its regular face-to-face meeting with the group lead, Dr. Felix Stoehr (ESO) on December 3 Tuesday, from 10am to 1pm. Registration: ASIAA member; non-ASIAA.

2019-3-22 ALMA Users Workshop 2019
In preparation for ALMA Cycle 7, ARC-T and UCAT will hold a one day ALMA Users Workshop on Saturday March 22th 2019 at the ASIAA building. For more information and registration see here.

2018-12-28 CARTA v1.0 release
The initial 1.0 version of a new software package called CARTA has been released. CARTA is to serve as the main visualization tool for astronomical images and data cubes obtained by ALMA, VLA, and SKA pathfinders, in addition to other telescopes that follow the standard FITS, MIRIAD, HDF5, or CASA image formats. For more information and to download the software please see here.

2018-3-26 ALMA Users Workshop 2018
In preparation for ALMA Cycle 6, ARC-T and UCAT will hold a one day ALMA Users Workshop on Saturday March 26th 2018 at the ASIAA building. For more information and registration see here.


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